Prairie Gothic

She wanders the prairies, finding her place amongst the trees, buttes, hills, meadows and monuments. She knows no specific time nor a traditional way of life.

She takes her power from all that Mother Earth has to give. She gives herself back to the Mother and offers her wisdom to all that are willing to learn.

She befriends the creatures, conjures the storms, establishes balance and is good and evil.

She is the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Enchantress, the Witch, and the Wild Woman. She exists inside the soul of every woman.Badlands Goddessimg_20191104134347img_20191104134352img_20191124123510img_20191124123536img_20191124181421img_20191124181442img_20191124181451img_20191124181459img_20191201215730img_20191201215736