The Beauty Shop Series

This body of work is called The Beauty Shop. It reflects a time when women went to great lengths to achieve beauty. Rarely would a woman leave the house without looking her absolute best. Beauty parlors were a place of stature and of social connections. A woman could take a break from her housework to get her hair or nails done, gossip with the girls, and look gorgeous before her husband got home from work. It was as important to look good at the parlor as when leaving.

Vanity is still prevalent in today’s world, but the neutral colors of today’s salon is a stark difference from the vibrant parlors of yesterday. Women still want to get their hair and nails done, however the weekly visits to the parlor have changed to monthly appointments scheduled between work and family time. The days of wearing one’s best dress to get the groceries have passed. Weekly curler sets have changed to blow outs and trims. Women still desire to look their best, but the daily standard set in beauty shops of the past is no longer a requisite for today’s housewife or working woman.

The Beauty Shop emphasizes color and glamour during a time period when women had different options than women of today.

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