The House of Lost Dolls

A toy can be one of the most important things to a child. When a child is sick or undergoes a tragedy, they are given a toy. Afraid of the dark or things that go bump in the night, they clutch their favorite doll for comfort. They love and cherish their toys, often to the point where the toys are worn and broken.

As they grow older, their need for the toys lessen and they are often put aside or in boxes, sometimes ending up in the storage room of the basement or the attic. Soon, the child leaves their family home and their childhood ways behind. The toys are held onto by the parents who hold strong to the memory of their children and their attachment to the toys. But as the parents age and downsize or move away, the toys are discarded or left behind along with the weathered walls of the home.

The House of Lost Dolls shows the toys that were loved and left behind, the only ones to carry on the memories of the abandoned house. They are still able to play and be loved, relying on the company of each other as their humans have left them behind.

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